Expert Tips on Ford Rebates from Bill Brown Ford


Many customers often ask  Bill Brown Ford Sales Consultants questions such as, “What are Ford Rebates?” “How do they work?” “What are the current rebates being offered by Ford?” and “Am I eligible to receive them?” In this blog post, Bill Brown Sales Development Manager, Dan, and Sales Assistant, Melissa, provide insider details and explain how Ford Rebates work. They’ll talk about current rebates like February’s Truck Month Accessory Cash and other incentives, such as current Ford lease specials. So, listen in to learn more!

An Overview of Ford Rebates: What They Are and How They Work

At Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, we offer a wide range of high-quality and dependable vehicles. As the world’s number one Ford dealer, with one of the largest inventory of new Ford vehicles in Michigan, they provide monthly incentives, including rebates, to ensure that their customers receive the best possible pricing. The most common type of Ford Rebate is a cash-back offer that is applied to the purchase price, reducing the total cost and your monthly payments. Bill Brown Sales Development Manager, Dan, and Sales Assistant, Melissa, provide valuable insider tips to help you maximize the available rebates and incentives when you lease or purchase your next Ford vehicle.


Melissa: We’re getting a lot of questions from our customers about where they can go to find Ford Rebate offers, whether they are real, and how to use them to get the best deal. 

Dan: So first things first, where to find them? The easiest thing to do is go to billbrownford.net. We provide all monthly lease specials, finance deals, and rebates for easy customer access. People can also visit Ford.com. 

Melissa: Another question people have is, when rebates go out, do these rebates apply to everyone? 

Dan: Not necessarily. There will be certain situations that will apply to different customers. For example, if you’re coming out of a lease and releasing a vehicle, you get rebate X. If you’re buying a vehicle and just trading a car in, you might not qualify for that rebate, and so on. That is why we ensure to have available offers on the site. Since they are changing month to month, keep your eye out for new offers. Always ask your sales associate about a potential rebate, even if not listed on the site yet, to ensure you capitalize on every possible discount. 

Melissa: So another big concern customers have is can dealers withhold a rebate to benefit the dealership rather than the customer? 

Dan: That’s a good question because it’s two answers, yes and no. Right? It’s not necessarily the dealers trying to steal rebates and hold them in for profit. But the big thing is they could use it as a negotiating tactic. Say you want to be at $350 a month, and you guys are going back and forth. He can get you there suddenly, but he was just holding out on that extra $1,000 rebate in his pocket he knew you didn’t know about. Making it feel like you won the better deal when you actually qualified for the discount from the start.

Dan: So that’s a little insider trick. Make sure you know going in, “I get X amount of rebates.” You see that on your purchase order. And then, if you’re negotiating or trying to get a better deal or doing that type of thing, you’ll know you are getting the right deal and not tricked into thinking you are. 

Melissa: So if you come to Bill Brown, we will do our best to do all of that for you. 

Dan: We’re the #1 Ford Dealer in the world for a reason. We have a long history of loyal customers who have come back to us for years because we genuinely work to get them the best price possible with zero games. We make sure we double-check everything, and we make sure that the customer gets every penny. 

Melissa: What if there’s a rebate that’s maybe missed during the vehicle purchasing process?

Dan: I mean, I like to think I’m perfect, but if that happens, we have people in the office that double-check every deal that goes through and make sure if you were eligible for this $250 additional rebate that maybe wasn’t there at the time or we just missed, we refund the customer directly. 

Melissa: Are there any Ford rebates going on this month?

Dan: Yes, February is Ford truck month, and a $500 accessory cash rebate is kicking in for F-150s. So if you are in the market for a new truck, now is the best time to buy one. Plus, with the $500 free cash, you can upgrade the bed liner or whatever other accessory you want. But deals pop up like that every month, So make sure you’re watching us. 

Current Ford Rebates Available at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI

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